Intranet - the portal based on Contenido for your staff members

Do your staff members need a central contact point for company information: address book function with intelligent links between the staff members, calendar management, download area for templates and documents, personal area or an announcement portal?

Then implement an intranet with Contenido.

An intranet is nothing else but a protected website. With your browser, you access the website and authenticate yourself with a login at your LDAP-Server. Here the authorization management of Contenido is applied to show department areas within the website and to distinctly approve their view and handling.

An intranet implemented with Contenido can certainly offer more services than a simple website. The administration and maintenance of contents can be done in the backend of Contenido as well as the frontend - that means directly on the page - always depending on the editing rights. The summary pages, also named teaser pages, are automatically generated, depending on the depth of the navigation. The manual maintenance effort diminishes here completely.

Contenido is the right application for a CMS-based intranet solution if you are looking for an Open Source Content Management Solution, if a multitude of your staff members should participate in maintaining the contents and if you would like to establish extensive authorization structures.