From version 0.93 to 4.8

Especially these versions have embossed the journey of the Content Management System Contenido.

Contenido Version 0.93     

In 2000/2001, Contenido was developed by four for business. The purpose was to create a Content Management System (CMS), which enables staff members to quickly and easily maintain content changes in a website. In addition, the system should be installed and maintained at a reasonable price. In 2001, the CMS was presented at the trade fair “Internet World” in Berlin and aroused great interest in the market. As four for business already placed emphasis on developing complex PHP/MySQL applications at that time and already successfully implemented Open Source software, the decision was quickly made to use the technology and the license model.

Contenido Version 4.0     

With version 4.0, the system was completely made over for the first time. Accompanied by a new appearance, many functions found their way to a new version. Rudimental approaches and gained experience remained of the previous versions. Unlike other Content Management Systems, this system already supports multi-language and -tenancy at this point of time. Highlight of the new version is the Insite-Editing for editing contents for the future web layout. This enables simpler editorial work.

Contenido Version 4.4 

The popularity of Contenido was more intensified once again with the version 4.3 beta and the following robust version 4.4. The increasing distribution manifested itself and Contenido caught the attention of the press. In several reports, Contenido was demonstrated as the operable alternative to many other CMS. The Contenido community with a lot of active Web developers triggered a dynamic impulse in distribution and further development. The plug-in technology of Contenido enables upgrading the CMS resulting from various individual customer requirements.

Contenido Version 4.8

In 2008 Contenido is endued with a new logo, a new revised backend layout and numerous new functions. Also technical improvements underneath the shell of the system serve to increase usability and performance. For over 7 years the CMS sustains its position successfully in the market and can further on convince with a multitude of novelties.