News and announcements around the CMS Contenido

CONTENIDO 4.9 Beta 1 available!

We are pleased to offer you the beta version of CONTENIDO 4.9 for testing. Yet again we integrated many innovations and improvements and we look forward to your feedback, which you can leave in the CONTENIDO forum. As always with test versions: productive use... read more

CONTENIDO Version 4.8.18 released!

With version 4.8.18 of the Open Source Content Management System CONTENIDO, which was released today, we integrated another 18 tickets we worked off for version 4.9 into release branch 4.8. Version 4.8.17, which was released last thursday, included bugs in the... read more

CONTENIDO Version 4.8.17 now available!

In version 4.8.17 we integrated the bugfix regarding the naming of conHtmlSpecialChars_decode feature. As announced we further integrated the class autoloader from release 4.9 and other bugfixes. For more details please take note of the list of closed issues ... read more

CONTENIDO Version 4.8.16 now available!

With the new version 4.8.16 of the Open Source Content Management System CONTENIDO it is possible to use PHP 5.3/5.4 and MySQL 5.5. In addition several known bugs analog to version 4.9 Alpha were fixed.Originally this version was supposed to be the last of the... read more

CONTENIDO Version 4.9 Alpha 3 now available!

Today we released CONTENIDO 4.9 Alpha 3 unscheduled. It fixes some critical bugs and you should now be able to test without any interference. Just as the previous Alpha releases, this is a preliminary version to get to know the new features and gain first e... read more

CONTENIDO Version 4.9 Alpha 2 now available!

Following further changes on the base system and implementing many new features, we offer you now the Alpha 2 of CONTENIDO 4.9 for testing. Just as the Alpha 1 this is a preliminary version to get to know the new features and gain first experiences. Produ... read more

CONTENIDO Version 4.9 Alpha 1 now available!

For several months there was no new version of CONTENIDO. This is about to change. The first test version Alpha 1 of CONTENIDO 4.9 is now available.   As with all test versions, it is not meant to be used in a working environment. Further information o... read more

CMS Contenido Version 4.8.12 is now available for download

Offenbach, 24.04.2009

Today 4fb released the new version 4.8.12 of the Content Management System Contenido. Besides small upgrades, the migration of a new content type CMS Teaser (article list) is the main focus of the release.Through the flexible application of the new content typ... read more

CMS Contenido Version 4.8.11 is released!

The new version 4.8.11 of the CMS Contenido is released today. Besides a few small enhancements, the main focus was handling delivered sample clients. The main navigation module was customized in a way that generated links optimized for search engines serve a... read more

Your Contenido implementation as a reference on

Show your Contenido implementations with up to five screen shots. Share your knowledge and report to other visitors about special technical features or your solution upgrades.A summary page offers a preview of every reference. With only one click the detail pa... read more

Make use of the test system

You would like to make a first impression of Contenido? Have an overview of the functionalities? Get to know the Contenido interface? You have therefor the Contenido test system. For using the test system you neither have to download nor install the software. ... read more

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