Content Management System CONTENIDO 4.9 - Bigger than ever before

CONTENIDO, the successful Open Source Content Management System, is now available in version 4.9 Beta 1.


  • easy to use
  • extendable by modules
  • successful in the market for about 13 years
  • without license costs

The first significant and this time only visual change is immediatly visible when reading the headline. CONTENIDO is written capitalized in version 4.9. Not only in terms of spelling, but also the large number of changes which were made...

What's new in CONTENIDO 4.9

With this Beta version of CONTENIDO 4.9 the goals of making planned changes to the base system and to finish them were largely achieved.  more

Requirements for operating CONTENIDO

CONTENIDO 4.9 can be used with all common modern browsers. Using CONTENIDO with older browsers may lead to loss of function or side effects. more

Why not take a look at the new CONTENIDO today! The new version of the application may be downloaded directly on this page. Or try out first and see what the Content Management System has to offer: in our test system. We look forward to your feedback in the forum!

Learn more about Content Management System CONTENIDO:

Download CONTENIDO 4.9.0-beta1 here


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