What's new in CONTENIDO 4.9 Beta 1

With this Beta version of CONTENIDO 4.9 the goals of making planned changes to the base system and to finish them were largely achieved. Above all we encapsulated PEAR and conlib classes from CONTENIDO and ported them to other classes respectively rewrote them into new classes. You'll find the developers document of changes between the last test version and Beta 1 here. Other documents: changes of versions Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3.

Especially on the technical side considerable changes have been made to lay a foundation for future work on RC 1. The restructuring of classes and features are finished for the time being. Nevertheless we do not fully exclude minor changes. Some of the most important technical changes are the new Plug-In Manager, the new URL Shortener Plug-In and the extended Exception Handling. The mi18n feature now supports multiple variables, which have to be replaced in the string. Furthermore these module translations have to truly exist. There will be no fallback to the Translation-Identifier, when there is no translation available. The database table con_phplib_auth_user_md5 was renamed to con_user. For the purpose of debugging it will be possible to deactivate Plug-In system and the Chain system seperately. From now on Chains are no longer pseudo plug-ins but are integrated directly into the sartup.

From now on the setup routine only consists of the "Installation" and "Upgrade" option. When checking system compatability you can now press a "Reload" button, if you failed the previous check. Instead of having to go back and send it again, it will reload and check again instantly. Because installation is fully done through backend setting the "sysadmin" password and email adress replaces the choice of plug-ins. We enhanced password encryption by Salt and a better algorithm as a long overdue security measure. Existing passwords will automatically be converted and will remain valid.

The visual side went too several changes as well. The system log and mail log was moved to "Administration" - "Logs". Further we offer now a Drag&Drop feature for categories.We removed the empty frame on the left at the tagging-plugin (Content Allocation) to provide more space for the trees. If you have a multi client installation, it is now possible to switch clients in the header at any point in backend. Articles can now be tagged as searchable/indexable. Administrators can now rerun system check from the setup for the current installation from backend.

A complete list of changes can be found in the changelog which comes with the download package.

It is planned to release another RC version before the final version 4.9.0. The release date depends on the amount of feedback and testing process, therefore we cannot fix a specific date.

Important release notes:

  • We do not advise to use this  version in a productive environment as it may still have bugs.
  • A lot of modules and plugins will not function properly with this version as we made extensive changes to the base system. If you find a module or plugin not working, please contact the producer referring to this announcement.

We would be pleased if you rank among our testers and share your experience in the forums.

We created a new sub forums for the new version branch. There you can exchange with other users.

Further information on the new version can be found in the CONTENIDO forum in this thread.